Solar Chargers,Manufacturers Solar Chargers,Suppliers Solar Chargers,Solar Chargers India
Solar Chargers,Manufacturers Solar Chargers,Solar Chargers India,Suppliers Solar Chargers,Solar Chargers Delhi

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Home Automation India Pvt Ltd Solar Chargers

Solar Chargers

Solar ChargersWe offer micro-controller/DSP based high efficiency (more then 95%)based MPPT/PWM controlled three stage dynamic chargers, It rapidly charges the battery with maximum efficiency ,increase battery life and deliver best power from PV PANEL to battery.

Advance Features
  • Micro-controller based
  • In built De- sulfation (Battery saver) to increase battery life
  • Unique battery charging algorithm for maximum power delivery from PV PANEL
  • Temperature compensation
  • Battery healing to reduce battery aging
  • Better battery utilisation (mall size of battery required
ADVANTAGES Solar Chargers
  • More energy from same size of Solar Panel (>25%)
  • Reducing over all cost of system
  • With LCD
  • Reliable system
  • Load Current: 3A-40A / Charging Current: 3A-40A
  • Charging Method: CC/Boost (with PWM)/ Float)
  • Standby Current: <5 mA
  • Charging indication: Battery voltage, charging, low battery, P.V Panel disconnection.
PROTECTION Solar Chargers
  • Battery reverses polarity protection with fuse.
  • Over charge and deep discharge protection.
  • Electronic overload protection avoiding blowing of fuse.
  • Short circuit protection on load side.
  • Multi level overload protection
6V,12V,24V,36V,48V, 96V, 120V, 240V
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